Improv Works

Years ago I began to use improvisation as a way of making work.  I discovered that while working in an improvisational method the content of the piece would come through subconsciously.  While developing from a reaction or response to materials to finished work, this process could open the artwork to truth, and with purity.  The more I explored improvisation the more interesting things would develop in the work both physically in material and in the symbolic images.  Inspired by the results I introduced this into my teaching and discovered even more of the methods potential.  I called it "Improv Works”.  To define this method it would be to react to any material or object in the moment to create a sculpture without worry of the subject.  At anytime more material or made objects could be introduced to the project.  This simple moment of improv suddenly became a new set of variables to consider in the work.  This focus on the dialog or design happening between materials and forms can begin to reveal itself through the creation.  As a result of this method the subject of the work will become clear through a subconscious transfer.  At this moment of discovery then the finishing of the work can begin for final development.

" Little house on a Narrow Path" 2005 Wood, Cast Aluminum, Found Object

" Little house on a Narrow Path" 2005 Wood, Cast Aluminum, Found Object

" Love and Forgiveness" 2004 Wood, Ceramics, Burlap, Fibers, Sugar

" Carry Your Own Weight" 2003 Wood, Cast Paper, Burlap, Twine, Tobacco Leaves

"Oklahoma Stone House" 2003 Wood, Stone, Forge Steel, Rope

"Rockabye Baby" 2008 Steel, Ceramic, Cast Iron, Fabric, Tread, and Safety Pins.

"Relocation" 2008 Bronze, Cast Iron, Steel, Wood, Cables, Found Objects

"On the Horizon" 2019 Wood, Burlap, Blue Jay Feather, Cast Iron, String 

"Slag Filter" 2003 Ceramics, Wood, Forge Steel, Slag Cast Iron, Found Objects

" Cool Water" 2005 Wood, Ceramics, Fibers, Rope, Found Objects

"Tensions in the Center" 2012 Wood, Steel, Cast Iron

"Tide To What Binds Us" 2019 Cast Iron, Fabric, Forged Steel, Basket

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Jeremy Colbert


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